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The workbooks are useful guides and supplements to learning and implementing these.

BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM - The key book to start with!

     Special write-up of this on sister site:   L.S. Barksdale Pieces On LMA Site.

           LINKS PAGE, FOR THIS BOOK : Free copy of the book.   Definitely study and install this into 
               your brain!!!              

     Related books and resources:

          Building Sound Self-Esteem, Instructor's Guide - You could use this as a study guide, 
               checking off items as you become complete on them.       

          Essays On Self-Esteem - Special articles covering from reality to self-esteem to 

               LINKS PAGE for these two  

STRESS-FREE LIVING - Eliminating hurting emotions and destructive stress - The basic text, from handling excessive workloads to accepting and seeing reality, and letting go of what is causing you stress. 64 pgs.

       Related books and resources:

             Handbook For Achieving Stress-Free Living - From total unconditional self-acceptance to 
                  the secret of "inner peace and love".                             


EBOOK READERS:  (Couldn't get Kindle app for pc to accept other books already on my computer.) 

Install and use Nook E-book Reader

Search engine:  Nook app, select "Nook for PC" (or whatever device), download it (then run it), to add a book to it, press "my stuff" and then search on your computer to find the file and it'll be loaded into the reader. 

Adding notes and/or highlights of words or sentences:  Just highlight the section you're interested in and a list of options appears, select "add note" if you want to add a note for later reference. 


The idea is to benefit individuals as much as possible and not to profit per se from the sale of any of these materials, as this is a Pay It Forward project - and I do ask that you do, in some way, pay it forward to at least 3 others, requesting that they do the same.  You may use these materials personally and/or for workshops for which you charge, but you may not reproduce any part of these materials for sale or gain in any way.  Any reproductions used in the workshops or coaches or anywhere must be attributed the this site as the source.

Something I will add back later, so ignore:

 It is better to use the ereader copies for clarity, as the pdf is just a picture of a page (though you can copy and paste into word processing documents if you want, use CTRL C and then CTRL V.  The key basic book is the first one, but I recommend all of them.  The Essays are mostly supplemental to the other books, but may fill in a few items you might have missed or not understood as well as you could.

Download the PDF version, then use the Save As function (under "file" on your browser).  Then, in Adobe Reader bring the saved copy up.  Use the "advanced search" under "edit" to find a word - kinda like having an index in the back.

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